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We offer whole sets of biomass pellet production line. Wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, rubber wood pellet machine, alfalfa pellet machine, animal feed pellet machine, organic fertilizer granulator, as well as stump crusher, wood chipper, hammer mill, rotary dryer, mixer, belt conveyors and countercurrent cooler are the main products we manufacture.

As you know the Biomass energy industry now is becoming more and more popular, since the global environment pollution and warming make all the countries aware of the energy saving and environmental protection, at this very time, the biomass energy-wood pellet machine coming to the market, it will replace underground limited energy such as coal, gas, natural gas etc., and become environmental fuels. Comparing with other fuels, such as wood, electricity, and gas, the wood pellets are much cleaner, cheap and eco-friendly. Many countries who is lack of the underground energy all adopt this new energy, especially European countries who will burn these energy for heating source. Here, coming up with the vertical ring die wood pellet machine, which is the mainstream of the wood pellet making machine in the market. It is good for the raw material that is very hard for forming and adhesive, such as rice husk, branches, trunk, and other kinds of wood scraps and corps stalk.

Our company mission is "Research and develop energy-saving products, optimizing human being's living conditions". We wish to establish long-term and win-win relationship with friends at home and abroad to devote ourselves to the environment's improvement.

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