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Chicken feed pellet machine
Chicken feed pellet machineChicken feed pellet machineChicken feed pellet machine
  • Chicken feed pellet machine
  • Chicken feed pellet machine
  • Chicken feed pellet machine

Chicken feed pellet machine

Chicken feed pellet machine

Chicken feed pellet machine


ModelPower (kw)Capacity (t/h)Pellet Size (mm)Weight (t)


1, Good adaptability, large animal feed intake.

This machine is adapted to large scale of raw materials. It is suitable for different kinds of complete feed production line. While processing the material, this machine's temperate is moderate which could keep the microelement with the material. The feed is tasty and digestible. Animals love it and the intake is large.

Chicken feed pellet machine

2, Surface is smooth and density is big.

The pellets coming out from this machine are neatly in shape with smooth surface and big density, which is easy to restore and transport. The finished pellets' diameter is among 2-6mm (according to different die), and the length could be among 10-40mm. Different sizes of pellets meet the requirement for the different growing period of the animals.

Chicken feed pellet machine

3, Stable, Lower Noises

The transmission part adopts high accuracy gear transmission, whose efficiency is 20-25% higher than belt transmission; the whole machine (includes the motor) adopts the highest quality bearing which could enable the high-efficient transmission, stability and lower noises.

Chicken feed pellet machine

4, Innovative Structure 

The whole body of the large-scale intensified feed modulator is made of stainless steel. It adopts variable frequency speed control system to ensure the high quality of the pellet feed. The complementary snake-like spring coupling is international standard which is innovative in structure, tight in shape and safe. The noise is low and the fault rate is small.

Chicken feed pellet machine

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