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Vacuum sawdust dryer
Vacuum sawdust dryerVacuum sawdust dryer
  • Vacuum sawdust dryer
  • Vacuum sawdust dryer

Vacuum sawdust dryer

Vacuum sawdust dryer

Vacuum sawdust dryer can dry the materials mainly using the hot wind produced by the hot-blast stove; the dryer is applied to the material in dispersed state which contains high moisture humidity, such as the saw dust, grain or straw.

High drying strength, as the materials highly decentralized in the airflow, all surface area is the drying effective area. Large handling capacity, high thermal efficiency. When dry the unbound water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%. The drying time is short. Simple structure, require the small installation space, very easy to install and repair.


ModelPower (kw)Evaporation Capacity (t/h)Weight (t)Size (mm)

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