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2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill
2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill
  • 2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill
  • 2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill

2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill

2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill

2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill


ModelPower (kw)Capacity (t/h)Pellet Size (mm)Weight (t)


Transmission system

1. It adopts the hardened tooth surface to reduce the tooth surface, the tooth surface is widened, the modulus is increased, the meshing degree is large, and the load bearing capacity is enhanced, which is 3-5 times of the life of the conventional reducer.

2. The gear of the gearbox adopts the grinding process of the German NILES gear grinding machine. The transmission is stable, low noise , the service life is long, and it can withstand high power and heavy load.

3. The spindle is shortened and the torque is large.

2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill

Lubrication system

1. The lubricating oil of the gearbox adopts independent water cooling system,  can lower oil temperature, and increase the service life of internal bearings.

2. The spindle bearing uses the reducer's own thin oil lubrication, not only can reach the lubrication effect but also can lower the spindle bearing temperature.

3. The roller bearing adopts independent automatic oil filling system, regularly injection, good stability and long service life. 

2-2.5t/h wood pellet mill

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